My coaching session was wonderful. Setting goals and learning financial tools to help me budget better and track spending and savings has helped me greatly.

Sheree J.

I had the opportunity to meet with my financial coach Jay Mattier. I never imagine how informative and helpful the session would be. We take our finances for granted. We often make mistake that cause us years of grief. But with a honest conversation we can get our finances back on track and become successful at managing our money.


Donna R.

I am moved to write this review, something I rarely do.  The session that I had with Jay Mattier was so refreshing. He was able to show me how to make changes in my spending habits that
were painless but will provide a savings account.  Jay speaks to you in easy to understand language and it is obvious that he speaks from experience and really has a heart to help people achieve their potential. I will definitely tell my friends about my session and suggest everyone go for a session even if you don’t think you need it or that there is no way to change your financial situation.

Petrina M.


When I just founded my company, fifteen years ago, I was a novice entrepreneur. Today, we are an IT services company that serves the missions of several customers. In the beginning days, I knew very little about setting up a business or growing it. Jay Mattier was one of the few people I relied on, to ask questions and get thoughtful insights and answers. He was a strong mentor for me during those early days. There are a lot of people throughout the years who have helped and mentored me. But Jay was the one who gave me the initial confidence to take on challenges and succeed. His management experience is immense. I am certain that several entrepreneurs will greatly benefit from Jay’s ability to speak calmly and walk through any business question.


In 2005, I approached the Martin Luther King Business Empowerment Center in Worcester MA with a Business idea. I had been a Physical therapist working in Home Care for several years. I had an MBA in Health Care administration and I wanted to start my own Home Care Agency. Jay Mattier was the Business Development officer and he proceeded to be by guide to explore my options. He showed me different Business Startup books in the Library at the MLK and I found a manual on How to start your own agency. Over the next few months, Jay in his lovely calm manner introduced me to the concept of Business ownership and explored funding prospects with me. He went over my Business plan as I worked on it and guided me through this very new world. At the end of 2005, I successfully registered my Home care agency. I stayed at the MLKJ- BEC as a start-up Business for 4 years with guidance from the Center, before moving out on my own. Nearly 14 years later, my business has grown based on the same principles I learnt from Jay Mattier. I would recommend him as a Business/Financial Coach to anyone.

Chizoma N.

Meg V.

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