Our team has had the pleasure to work with Robert Thomas for the last decade. Hence, during the early stages of research and decision making of the firm DEXTrust, Mr. Thomas protected the intellectual property of the corporation’s initiatives vision and application.  The goal was to establish an economic engine to provide a gateway between the future value of Green Technology and is policy transference to small disadvantage communities.  This support assisted in the developed of future Communities Jobs, Business Development and Wealth Creation.  Without Mr. Thomas moral support and special advisement, the project would not have overcome many of the business landscapes political challenges and barriers to entry.

Charles R.

"When I approached Mr. Thomas for help with one my youth he immediately responded. This young man was in the process of starting a business and needed expert advice. Mr. Thomas experience and passion for helping people become entrepreneurs was crucial in helping this young man decide where to invest his time and resources. Thank you for your support!"

Roberto D.

I, whole-heartedly and unabashedly would like to under-score the character, dedication and commitment to one, Robert Thomas for his working with those in  need that are challenged with daily living.  Whether the challenge is a job, education or daily living expenses, Robert has been there to help.


In over three decades of owning two insurance agencies and working in the community, I have been observing and experiencing different community endeavors with Mr. Thomas. He has exemplified his caring concern for the betterment of his fellow community neighbor by reaching out to them and sharing what he could or had to offer.


With his conception,  initiation and development of the  Dr. Martin  Luther King , Jr. , Business Empowerment  Center   Program  in Worcester, Ma. , Robert  has encouraged, made  resources  and funding available through  trainings, education and job placements  for  countless of  individuals to  help   them realize  their  potentials  ,  pursue  their  dreams and become contributing and positive influences in their   families  and communities .

Carl P.



I have known and worked with Mr. Robert Thomas for more than 25 years,  Mr. Thomas helped me to wade through the rough waters of entrepreneurship by introducing me to the incubator he was running. Through his leadership I was able to incorporate my business, establish banking relationships, develop marketing strategies and secure customer relationships. Through his coaching I was able to generate a positive bottom line within 2 years

James B.

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